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Social Media Marketing

what is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is defined as the set of Marketing activities carried out within social networks to pursue specific objectives including the generation of new contacts and their conversion into brand-loyal customers. This is just one of the results obtainable through the creation and preparation of targeted Social campaigns which are researched according to an introductory analysis and is elaborated based on the collected data.

how to do social media marketing?

Let’s start with an assumption, the only way to do S.M.M. it’s doing it with quality!
It does not matter whether you are a small business in the province or the largest multinational in the world, those involved in communicating on your behalf must respect what you have to say, following an analytical and strategic path based on individual expertise. There are many who base a good social management on the number of followers or by the number of contents published in a week but who do not pay attention to the economic return on the investment made for this activity, by leaving this out you are leaving out the most important number to analyze.
Leaving the management of your Social Networks to someone who says: “look at how many likes we received” or “I’ll publish two posts a week” might not really be a good idea, as well as a probable waste of time, money and, more importantly, reputation.

why do social media marketing?

What do you need for your reality?
By answering this question, you can probably find an answer to the previous one. The most different objectives can be pursued through S.M.M.. Recognition of the Brand, Interaction with the Community and Conversions are the macro-areas where the various activities need to be aimed at. In these reside many other micro-potentialities summarized in only one answer: you exist in Social Networks to be bought!

the numbers speak clearly!

Social Networks are part of the daily life of millions of people. Every day we spend time on Facebook and the rest for the most diverse reasons, opening ourselves to the contents that we like most from both desktop and even mobile. A community that continues to grow exponentially in a container where rules must be known if you want to be listened to, recognized and purchased.

what can ctsol do for you?

We produce, take care of and analyze Social strategies dedicated to the objectives of our customers. We do this by preparing a forward-looking action plan that aims at the target closest to the product and brand we want to obtain a competitive advantage for. Thanks to the perfect collaboration between creators, graphic designers and copywriters we are able to dedicate to each content our best creative quality according to a concrete, effective and measurable result.