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Positioning and visibility on search engines

What are SEO, SEA and SEM?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, it is the set of best practices, strategies and internal and external elements of a website needed to increase its visibility on search engines and increase its traffic.

By extension, taking into consideration the accessibility and navigability of a website, the quality of the content, the correct internal structure and the “natural” ability to respond adequately to the search carried out by users. SEO activities offer users a satisfactory experience with easy and intuitive navigation.

An optimized site, positively evaluated by users and search engines, will have greater opportunities to position itself at the top of the search results and to enjoy an excellent reputation, thus obtaining natural incoming links.
A virtuous circle that consists of many elements and many variables.

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising.
If SEO activities, as we have seen, are responsible for positioning a site for organic search, SEA deals with the management of promotional campaigns and paid advertisements through the advertising tools provided by the main search engines.
The best known example is Google Adwords, Google’s paid advertisement platform.

The set of activities, practices and strategies of SEO and SEA constitute the SEM, Search Engine Marketing, marketing for search engines.

Why SEO is important for my business?

Having an attractive website is not enough.
It is paramount that the website is well structured, it must be visible, navigable and easily, naturally available in search results.
Having more chances to get organic traffic means both increasing the possibility of transforming this traffic into financial satisfactions, in business opportunities, and having positive repercussions on your name and reputation.

Why rely on a team of professionals?

The SEO rules change continuously so for a professional it is essential to remain constantly up to date. A good professional is also the one who has tried a lot, and between mistakes and successes, has managed to understand what are the good practices. Improvising SEO activities can be very penalizing for your website and your business. When it becomes necessary due to mistakes or errors, a professional knows what he has to do. Practice and experience are also important for the use of specific tools and to read and understand data. It therefore goes without saying that for specific tasks and activities you need to rely on who does these by trade.

Can all these strategies coexist and integrate?

Coordinating and integrating SEO optimization work with targeted campaigns consisting of paid ads is not only possible but also brings great benefits.
First of all, the reputation of the brand. Looking at the intentions of users when using search engines and being able at the same time to intercept their needs on the organic side, with a page of results where the company name appears several times, gives the idea of ​​an attentive, vigilant company that knows the market and its customers, even potential ones.
The integration of the two activities, can open new research spaces, new spaces in which to place the brand, both for what concerns the main search keys and for what concerns related searches and keywords / key phrases.

What can Ctsol do for my website?

Above all, CTSol guarantees commitment to constantly trying to optimize the websites of our customers, therefore the most visible when the most relevant keywords are used.
We do not promise miracles, we promise professionalism, attention, rigor and care at the highest levels, both during analysis phase and during the construction phases, implementation best practices for the best potential positioning.
We must arm ourselves with will and, above all, with patience: results are obtained, but in the medium to long term.

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