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Shooting fotografici e video making - CTSol Padova

Photographic shooting and video making

Corporate photos, commercials, video marketing

Why do you absolutely have to have quality videos and photos?

Because your image depends also on this!

Your website, the brochures you present at a trade fair, your social channels, your brand image. It all depends on the contents.

Having non professional video-photo content can be a good idea only if the image you want to convey is consistent with what you propose and in any case it may not be enough to make a “good impression”

Material made by our photographers / video makers for a specific campaign or for commercial placement in a pre-defined platform, allows you to communicate with your existing and potential customers, through images that are able to represent your brand.

What is the use for quality videos and photos?

Did you know that words are the last mean with which we communicate?
This rule applies in real life as in marketing!
Knowing how to describe who you are, the technical specifications of your products or how many years you have worked on the territory can be interesting, but it is not enough.
What you say, write and are, must always be consistent with what you show!
Proposing grainy photos that are not representative of reality, can give an image of ​​your company which can be very far from the truth. The public is now “trained” to recognize and distinguish what they see, differentiating between professional, hand-made or simply ugly. These expertise, acquired through the invasion of commercials to which we are subjected daily, has made the average user much more severe in in their judgement forcing those who want to talk with the images to do it in only one way, with quality.
A small example?
Look at the pictures on the side, the product is identical, the company that sells it as well, but which of the two halves does it tells a better story?

What can CTSol do for you?

Thanks to our professionals and the tools at our disposal, we offer our customers all types of video / photographic services following the acquisition, production and realization phase of the contents, accompanying them with a direction focused to pursue the goal for the which they are intended.
All this with the aim of being able to communicate in a coherent, effective and exclusive way!