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Under the careful guidance of our Sales Director Fabio Diral, our consultants are the first faces with whom our customers come into contact.

The great listening skills and the natural problem solving orientation that characterizes them, make them the key elements in the management and organizational process that is established between us and those who choose us.

A bridge on which our customers can always count on being up to date and informed on the creative developments concerning their marketing project.

Nicolò Grigoletto

chief financial officer

Partner and board member for CTSOL, he ensures the regularity and transparency of the company and accompanies customers through the slender bureaucratic process that regulates the contractual relationship between the parties.

Lawrence Mark Scalzo


Thanks to his experience, our CEO and founding partner likes to work every day from behind the scenes to ensure that everyone who gravitates around our reality has an experience that consistently reflects our standards of quality and effectiveness.

Nico Zampieri


In addition to being one of the founding partners of CTSOL (even if he does not like titles), Nico is also the leader of our consultants and internal sales department, managing timing and objectives with professionalism, enthusiasm and determination.


Massimiliano Cavallin, Roberta Dalla Pozza and Dora Zoccarato are in charged with our Internal Sales department.

Their voices are those that guide the transition to the beginning of a professional relationship with CTSOL. The dialogue established between them and our customers is based on a direct exchange to identify the needs of the reality they want to promote.

Together they will find the most suitable time to make an appointment with one of our consultants and thus give way to a connection driven by innovation and results.