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Graphic Design - Creative Technological Solutions Padova

Graphic Design

The graphic study of corporate communication

what is graphic design?

Graphic Design is simply the beauty applied to marketing.
It develops when visual art meets communication techniques, applying them for a result that is different from the already seen and known ones. An art that allows us to say with images what words would take too much to describe accurately.

who is the graphic designer?

The graphic designer is the artist who has studied architecture.
Looks at the world with the microscope, carefully analyzing every detail waiting to be able to express them in the next work that might require them. He feels at home dealing with everything that is visual, from small to large format, from color to black and white, from digital to traditional.
In his bag he always carries a pinch of personal touch recognizable in a shade applied to the service or product, always consistent with the image that must represented.

What is graphic design for?

Through Graphic Design you define everything that speaks about your brand through visual communication..
Whether it is a banner for a new campaign, packaging for your product, a brochure or a dedicated stand, through graphic design you can realize it by representing your identity.

what can ctsol do for me?

CTSol provides its customers with the tools to be noticed through a personalized image that knows how to tell their idea, their story or their product in an effective and unique way.
In the consultative phase we understand what is the right message to transmit to achieve a pre decided objective. We then translate this message into visual expression using the tools best suited to meet the needs and channels you want to use to promote it.