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E-commerce creation

What is an e-commerce?

Do you have a small / medium business and heard of e-commerce or electronic commerce? What is it?
E-commerce is nothing more than the sale of goods, products and services through internet channels, mainly through a website platform.
In recent years, thanks to the technological advancement and the development of tools designed to facilitate online commerce, e-commerce sites have increased significantly.
Many small and medium-sized companies, however, have not yet understood what the advantages and opportunities of this way of doing business can bring.

Why open an e-commerce site?

The first advantage is certainly the availability: even the smallest company, even the company that sells the most niche products, can be reached at any time, from anywhere in the world by interested users. It’s like having the entire store open 24 hours a day. Potentially, a small local merchant can expand his business across the national territory and beyond.
If set up with the right targeted strategies, the platform of an e-commerce site allows the seller to know more in-depth the purchasing habits of the customers, the user experience within the site and the most searched products/services. This translates into a better sales strategy, in a more effective and functional conception of promotions, in a personalization of the sales experience for each individual buyer.
Finally, you can also choose to channel all your sales action on the web, minimizing the costs of the activity, relieving you from costs related to your premises.

realizzazione e-commerce

Is an e-commerce site safe? Can customers trust it?

Some users are still reluctant to use e-commerce platforms. The greatest fear concerns the security of their data.
Today you can sell and buy online safely thanks to a series of protections.
Thanks to the HTTPS security protocol and the SET and SSL security standards, customers can carry out commercial transactions with an excellent degree of protection.
In addition, the law has set up certain security obligations for online stores that are a guarantee for consumers: right of withdrawal, conditions of sale and delivery, protection of personal customer’s data.
This is why today, despite initial doubts, online commerce is also experiencing great growth worldwide.

What can Ctsol do for your online business?

We like to listen to our customers, to fully understand their needs, potentials and ambitions.
For each of them, we analyze their market, their competition, their dynamics and the main trends. After carrying out this analysis, we choose the most suitable, most useful and best performing platform for our client.
Our task is therefore to create an e-commerce site that is functional, manageable, representative, customizable, in line with all protocols and security laws, useful for marketing and visible on search engines.