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Branding e Corporate Image

what is a brand?

Brand identity, brand awareness, brand reputation, brand image … how many times have you heard and read these words in marketing and business communication?
Let’s start from the beginning: what is a brand?
According to the dictionary Treccani, a brand is a trademark. By extension we also say that the brand is equivalent to the name (the brand) and to all the relative imaginary universe of a company (the brand). In other words, the identity of a company, at all levels.

what does brand identity mean?

Brand identity, is the set of all visual and perceptive representations linked to a company. Starting from the name, we associate with it a series of perceptions, attributes, values, missions, relations with customers, characteristics, ideas and opinions related to its reputation, as well as all the graphic-visual elements. To put it in other words, it is the way in which a company is perceived and recognized by their own and potential public.

what are the main elements?

What can the ctsol team do for your brand?

As a team of communication and marketing professionals, Ctsol is ready to create, strengthen or redefine your corporate identity by making available all their expertise. First step is a necessary discussion with the customer, keeping the attention to his market of reference and his ambitions within it. Our team is active in the in-depth creative research aimed at the conception of the personality of the brand name.
From corporate graphics to video marketing, from the layout of a brochure to the creation of e-commerce site, we accept the stimulating challenge of creativity.
As a tailor with his model, our company is committed to building the most fitting image and imagery for the profile of your company.

Brand Identity